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  • “You should teach her how to behave.” These are the words my mom heard the most. Growing up, my family saw me as the misbehaving kid spoiled by my single parent. But no one, not even my teachers, suspected I could have ADHD. After all, ADHD was something reserved for hyperactive boys with poor grades, not a girl with a thousand ideas per minute who managed to excel academically. Little did they know, my hyperfocus and incredibly active mind could absorb anything interesting in no time—what some call an ‘ADHD superpower.’

  • ADHD is often seen as a childhood disorder, usually associated with energetic boys who can’t sit still. But did you know that ADHD affects women too, and often in ways that are quite different? If you’re a woman struggling with ADHD, you’re definitely not alone—and understanding more about it can help you manage your symptoms and thrive.

  • Living with ADHD can feel like a constant uphill battle. Whether you're an adult juggling work and home responsibilities or a parent watching your teen struggle with school and social life, you know the challenges all too well. That's where ADHD coaching comes in, offering a personalized, practical approach to help you or your loved one thrive.